Zimbabwe Medical Project Volunteers:

Connor Pierpoint Mitchell

One of  our hardest working volunteers here at the Zimbabwe Medical Project is Connor Pierpoint Mitchell. Connor is a graduate of Webb School of Knoxville, TN. He played soccer, baseball and golf during his years at Webb. Mitchell began studying at The University of Tennessee Haslam School of Business in 2012. He majored in Supply Chain Management with a concentration in Marketing. Connor Mitchell graduated with a BS in Business Administration in 2017.

He has been an indefatigable volunteer for the Project with his detailed spreadsheet analysis of the Children's Emergency Nutrition Project data and the preparation of the annual IRS 990 tax forms.

Background : In the last semester of his junior year, Mitchell traveled to the Patagonia region of Southern Chile to attend The National Outdoor Leadership School where he immersed himself in coursework that covered mountain climbing, survival skills, and kayaking. The small training groups were instrumental in helping Mitchell understand the dynamics of a group when placed in stressful situations, including risk management and leadership. In addition to these valuable skills, Connor Mitchell became fluent in Spanish.

Upon returning to Knoxville, Connor Pierpoint Mitchell decided to combine his passion for brewing and distilling along with his business expertise. He enrolled at the Brewing and Distilling Center of Knoxville in July of 2017, where he immersed himself in all aspects of the brewing process from production, to recipe development, fermentation, and everything in between. Connor Pierpoint Mitchell successfully obtained his Professional Brewing (PBT) certificate in October of 2017.

Certificate in hand, Connor Pierpoint Mitchell honed his craft learning from the experienced brewers at Knoxville’s Fanatic Brewing and Crafty Bastard Brewery. There he became familiar with bottling, lab work, milling, fermentation, kegging, and non-automated brewing.

This hard work paid off when Connor Pierpoint Mitchell was offered a paid internship at Poseidon Brewing in Ventura, California. Poseidon Brewery has been named “One of the best Craft Breweries in the US.” Extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, Poseidon is known for its friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Connor Pierpoint Mitchell’s hobbies include golf, snowboarding, hiking and surfing. Connor Pierpoint Mitchell is seeking a full-time position that combines his love of brewing and distilling with his substantial business acumen. You can access his resume here

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