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Matabeleland North

Dr Lisa Frederickson, Dr Cindy Hung, and a team of volunteer support personnel held eye clinics in Victoria Falls and Hwange District. They were able to evaluate and treat over 1000 patients who did not previously have access to eye specialists!

The project, in partnership with the the Victoria Falls schools, Gorges Lodge, and the Painted Dog Conservation, organized two weeks of eye clinics in four Victoria Falls schools and five clinics, including the remote Hwange clinics of Mabale, Lupote, Dette, and Makwandara.

In total, 1032 patients were evaluated and treated! Using specialized diagnostic refractive equipment brought from the United States, over 1000 eye glasses were given to patients to correct poor vision.

In addition, over 100 patients with cataract-induced blindness were identified & underwent cataract surgery in Bulawayo to restore their vision.

Thanks to Erick Luchs of Friends of Shamwari and Kel Sheppey of Wild4Life Health for helping to plan the clinics in these remote areas of Matabeleland North.

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